How To Talk About Coronavirus With People Who Have Autism

If you are like me you’ve probably had a conversation (or seven) about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). One of the common questions as a public speaker & autism self-advocate I’ve received in the past few days is how to talk about [...]

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It takes a village: An open letter to teachers and therapists

I know at times you may have felt underpaid and undervalued but in the last few weeks I hope you are receiving the appreciation you truly deserve for everything you’ve done to make a difference in the lives of these [...]

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5 Ways To Help Your Special Needs Child During The Coronavirus Pandemic

My inbox has been full recently with parents and educators asking for advice. During this time of CO-ViD19 based on my journey growing up with autism and me and my family having to deal with natural disasters (Hurricane Sandy). With [...]

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