Sometime ago I posted on my website about Taylor Swift giving $10,000 dollars to help Jacob, a boy with autism get his own service dog. Since then there has been a new development in Taylor Swift getting to meet Jacob for the first time! Jacob’s mom Allison writes,

“Taylor Swift donated $10,000 towards my son’s service dog. She gave us front row seats and backstage passes to her concert this past weekend. Taylor Swift was so kind. She said Reid was a big puffball and so cute. She was especially awesome with Jacob. She didn’t see my son’s disability she just saw him.”

We need more random acts of kindness like this in our community! So many people I know who have autism like myself have been positively impacted by music as a way of helping them develop. I used music as a way of helping me with some of my sensory challenges for example. For that reason I’ve become a fan of many different types of music artists today much like Jacob. Theater therapy was also something that positively impacted me which has made me a big fan of movies. In past years I’ve had the opportunity to meet celebrities such as Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart and talk to them about my journey and helping them understand our special community.

Have you or a loved one been positively impacted by a celebrity or someone else in the community? I’d love to hear your story. Email me anytime at and we may highlight your story next!

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