A short time ago I learned about Greta Thunberg, a teen with autism from Sweden who has been advocating for government action for climate change. I’m now happy to say that she’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

Her TEDxStockholm Talk on ‘The disarming case to act right now on climate change’ has been viewed on YouTube over 450,000 times.

She also wrote a piece on World Autism Awareness Day that shared a quote I really enjoyed where she said, “Our societies need to change, and we need people who think outside the box and we need to start taking care of each other. And embrace our differences,”

Advocates both on and off the spectrum are so important in our community. Interests and passions can turn into careers and I can only hope that Greta can continue to pursue her passion to make the world a better place for others.

Congratulations to you Greta and best of luck to you in the future! Who are some advocates you know who are pushing for positive change? Tell us in the comments!

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