Thanks to Michael Vieria, the President of The NJ Council on Special Transportation I was able to give the luncheon keynote at NJ Cost 20th Annual Expo at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey. During the talk I discussed my experiences using transportation as I grew up and the supports I had in place to use them on a regular basis.

“I first used public transportation on a regular basis while working for CBS Sports in New York during my Junior year of college. I took NJ Transit into work everyday but couldn’t figure out the subway/bus systems so I ended up taking a cab from Penn Station to work everyday.”

Transportation for many with a learning disability is still a tremendous struggle. If you want to learn more about the services provided for those with disabilities through the Americans with Disabilities Act you can read more here.

Thank you to NJ Cost for this wonderful opportunity to share my perspective. You can learn more about their group here.

Want to discuss transportation services for those with disabilities at your next event? Contact me here to start a dialogue on how we may be able to help!