“The kids that are going further in life aren’t the special ed kids.”

A parent is receiving backlash after starting a heated Facebook debate that her non-disabled child should receive more in-person schooling than a special education student for the Fall. She wrote…

I have autism and dysgraphia and as a former special education student and someone who has had some success today, shame on this individual. If this individual took the opportunity to learn from our community I’m sure they’d feel differently. I constantly growing up was made to feel like I was less than the ‘general education’ students. Special Ed was considered wrong, instead of special. If I listened to those comments, like the comments this individual brought up today, I’m not sure I’d have a full-time job today as a professional speaker & author.

We live in 2020 people! This is the type of small-minded attitude that makes it challenging for our special needs community to break down barriers of hate and ignorance. It’s also the type of mentality that I believe makes some ignore special education students all together.

The parent continued her comments on Instagram and several other social media platforms.

Another area that was upsetting to me was the discussion of in-person schooling when, it can be argued, that therapies and services for our special education students has been sorely missed during this pandemic. School districts vary depending where you are but I hope special education students aren’t excluded.

In a world full of so much uncertainty, let’s be kind to one another.