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With the HUGE announcement of Ford’s job training program where they will hire people with autism we wanted to give our families a list of companies that have been doing the same.

Want to learn more about these companies’ initiatives? Simply click on their names below! These companies include…





Freddie Mac

AMC Theatres

Office Max

Specialisterne USA

Computer Aid Inc.­­­


At Autism Speaks there is an employment portal called TheSpectrumCareers.com that is helping find jobs for people with autism while also educating employers on the benefits of hiring those on the spectrum. In addition there is an Employment Tool Kit to guide our community in the right direction for employment opportunities for those with autism.

In the past few years for example I’ve spoke with JP Morgan Chase, American Express and Wyndham Destination Network through a presentation titled “Autism in the Workplace.” Want to collaborate on an event to spread awareness? Contact us anytime here for more details!

-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)