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On March 25, 2016, Jane Wants a Boyfriend, an indie feature that looks at a young woman with autism trying to find love in New York City was released in select theaters and on most major video on demand services including iTunes! With that we wanted to break down some of our favorite autism films out there today for our community to enjoy! While some of these films have been out for decades, others are still in production and will be coming out in the next few years. Looking for more films to educate yourself about autism? You can find an entire resource library of autism films at Autism Speaks here.

Want to learn more about the films below? Simply click on the title! Without further ado we start this list with one of our personal favorites…

10. Temple Grandin

9. Mozart & The Whale

8. Fly Away

7. Joyful Noise

6. Rain Man

5. Big Daddy Autism

4. Autism in Love

3. Don’t Foil My Plans

2. The Story of Luke

1. Jane Wants a Boyfriend

Your favorite not on the list? Tell us what your favorite autism film is in the comments below!

Learn more about Kerry Magro, an adult with autism who has become a national speaker, best-selling author, and now a consultant for several autism-related films here

Learn more about Jane Wants a Boyfriend here and countless other autism-related films here

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