A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called “The Impact Katy Perry Has Had on Autism Awareness” for what she’s done both directly and indirectly to help benefit the autism community. One of the moments Katy was able to indirectly create with her hit-song “Roar” was an amazing cover of her song sung by Jack who is nonverbal and has autism. This made me start thinking about all the videos I’ve seen recently and wanted to highlight a few I’ve found on YouTube that had me tear up a bit…

Jack sings Katy Perry’s “Roar”

Isaac sings “A Whole New World” from Aladdin Soundtrack

Jasmine sings “Let It Go” from Frozen

Boy nicknamed “Cookie” sings a Christmas Carol to his family with his rendition of “Jingle Bells”

Jesse sings “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from Annie Soundtrack

Need a speaker for your next event- (1)

Kerry speaks to schools, businesses,


What’s your favorite song that your child likes to sing? Tell us in the comments!

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