What a great idea! I wish more schools had these.

I used to be nonverbal. Today I travel the country each year educating on neurodiversity as a full-time professional speaker. I’d be honored if you would follow my journey at Kerry’s Village https://www.facebook.com/groups/aspecialcommunity/

A school received a grant from the Elizabethtown Education Foundation in their town to put these communication boards at several of their local elementary schools.

The board as you can see above was installed this school year at Morningside Elementary School in Albany, GA.

As someone who used to be nonverbal and had challenges with communication early on I hope this is something more schools can implement not only in elementary schools but middle schools and high schools as well.

Even though I used to be nonverbal, 15 years of therapy including occupational, physical, speech, music and theater therapy helped me overcome many of my obstacles and now today I travel the country as a professional speaker educating on neurodiversity.

For our A Special Community video series, we recently featured Justice who is a 18-year-old man who is nonverbal and on the autism spectrum who wants to one day find a full-time job at a coffee shop. You can help support our educational video series here.

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