Tonight started a new chapter in my life as the new talk show of the “Different is Beautiful Show” on Comcast! My first episode aired and I now look forward to the opportunity to host a weekly show every Wednesday at 7 PM EST on Comcast Channel 51 in Jersey City about my life on the autism spectrum and spreading awareness that normal is just a dryer setting in our community.

Different is Beautiful 05/27/15 from on Vimeo.

My guest for my first show was Freeholder Bill O’Dea who has known me ever since I was a baby. Bill has played a pivotal role in my life as a role model and someone who has shown me what success can look like through hard work and determination. During our talk we discussed his passion for theatre, along with advice for my show as it moves forward.

I’d like to thank Bill O’Dea for giving me the honor of being my first guest and Hudson Media Group again for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

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You can learn about my background in speaking that led to this show here