Surfside Beach in South Carolina is now officially an autism-friendly travel destination for our community to enjoy! Their town council recently gave the beach a proclamation for their efforts.

As reported by WBTW News, this initative was started to help those with autism and other special needs who love the beach to have easier times on their vacations. WBTW News spoke to Becky Large, a mom of a son with autism who said about the initiative, “Sheltering everyone in your family isn’t any fun and it’s depressing and it’s not necessarily good for your child so creating opportunities for people to be able to leave their homes and feel comfortable and if their child has a meltdown, everyone around them gets it and it’s okay, a judgement free zone is what I am trying to create.”

Autism-friendly events and areas have become more and more common in the past few years. Everything from autism-friendly films, to plays and now beaches. What a great idea from their team!

You can learn more about the initiative here. Know of any other locations that have received autism-friendly status? Tell us in the comments!

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