Since graduating from Seton Hall I’ve had many opportunities to speak about my life on the autism spectrum around the country. When I started pursuing my Masters degree over 4 years ago I received a scholarship from the National Speakers Association to pursue a career in public speaking. Fast forward to today and now I can proudly say I’ve spoken at 500 events.

For speaking event #500 I went back to my old stomping grounds at Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Jersey City where I received some of my physical and occupational therapy growing up. We were first introduced to this program through our dear friend Carl Gargiulo. Carl has been a tremendous resource for our New Jersey community for decades. Out of all the champions who have advocated for me to see me progress in my life I have to say Carl was one of the people that meant the most to that journey.

I’d like to thank Carl along with everyone at Strulowitz & Gargiulo for inviting me to speak! During my presentation I discussed the services I received growing up and what helped me along the way to becoming a public speaker. We went into detail about how reward systems, positive reinforcement, social stories, & visual schedules were big parts of my daily routines.

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