“Cellphone video recorded a teacher inside the school getting upset and pushing his head back.”

A special education teacher at Dania Elementary School in Florida did this to Max a 7-year-old on the autism spectrum.

Max’s dad told WSVN, “To see your child actually being touched by someone in a hostile way, it made me sick to my stomach.”

Now State Sen. Lauren Book is sponsoring a bill where, if passed, parents could request a camera inside their child’s special education classroom.

Growing up with autism I never experienced anything like this from any of my teachers and all my special education teachers, especially in middle and high school, were very knowledgeable and supporting.

What’s your take on having cameras in the classrooms? I think it’s absolutely worth a conversation especially in classrooms with students who have limited communication abilities. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

You can watch the cellphone footage of the incident here.