Thanks to NJ HOBY, I was able to talk about my personal experiences with autism & leadership to over a hundred high school students at Monmouth University in New Jersey this summer.

When I was going to Seton Hall University for my undergraduate I was a part of the Leadership Development Honors Program under the Dean of Leadership Studies Michael Reuter. Michael helped me come out of my shell when I was just a freshman and helped me a lot when it came to become a self-advocate for our autism community.

During my talk I discussed my time here along with the importance of being a leader for those with disabilities. Currently there are 1 in 5 Americans who have a disability and they need people to support them. I hope I can be that for our loved ones to help them feel comfortable with who they are and to advocate for their needs.

Learn more about NJ HOBY through the video above and what they are doing to help those in New Jersey here.

Know of a school and our program looking to discuss more about autism awareness & leadership? Let’s start a dialogue! Contact me for more information here.