Tonight I was invited to speak at The University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut for The Greater Hartford Walk Now For Autism Speaks Kick-Off.

During my talk, I discussed how when I first started to come out about being on the autism spectrum that I really didn’t know anyone else who had it. That changed very rapidly when I started walking for Autism Speaks. I started off walking for The Northern Central New Jersey Walk Now for Autism Speaks events in my hometown where I got to meet a whole new community that I didn’t even know were out there.

Thanks to the 400,000 volunteers and walkers who take part in our events we at Autism Speaks we’ve been able to give over $525 million towards our mission to help in the lives of those with autism. I’d like to thank The Greater Hartford Walk Committee for having me out to speak and I encourage everyone reading this if you haven’t already to consider joining a Walk Now for Autism Speaks Event. I’ve been doing them for 8 years in New Jersey and they are always a fun way to get involved with a vibrant community!

You can learn more about how you can get involved with our walks and see if there is one in your area at!