Have you ever used this quote before?

A few years ago I saw the quote, “I Love Someone With Autism to the Moon and Back” for the first time. This quote has resonated with me because of the countless families members and educators I’ve met who love someone on the spectrum. The amount of passion they have for their loved ones to succeed and progress resonates with “to the moon and back” expression. I think it’s a beautiful saying.

I knew no other autism families when I was a young child on the autism spectrum. Looking back at my life through the videos and photos my parents took interacting with me, I know they certainly lived this quote. As a speaker and disability advocate, I know more and more families who feel the same.

When I would later consult for parents of children on the spectrum I met an autism mom who invited me to dinner at her house near my hometown. She had a young boy on the spectrum that I got to meet for the first time that evening. While talking about our backgrounds and what life had in store for both of us in the future, the boy often shared during the dinner about his love for R&B music and asked me if I’d like to sing a tune with him. Growing up being obsessed with music I saw so much of myself in this boy. When the end of the night came, while the mom was walking me out she stopped for a moment as her son was going to bed. She went up to him and kissed him on his forehead and then said “I love you to the moon and back.” It was touching and it reminded me of the love that our families often have one another.

So, for those who love someone with autism to the moon and back, I hope you realize the impact you have on our community. Whenever I hear someone share this quote during a presentation I feel it’s authentic. Whenever someone shares it on social media I often see it’s one of the most shared expressions in our autism community.

Thank you to all those families who love unconditionally. You make the world a better place for our autism community.