To The One That Gave Up Hope,

I remember our conversation like it was yesterday. I asked you a question that at the time I don’t think you were ready to answer. Maybe it was too soon ask. Maybe you needed more time to come to the conclusion by yourself. It was a question I asked countless others in different situations but your response was the one that had me thinking the most.

I asked, “Can you tell me about the positives…”

When you wrote back; when you said, “What would that do? Instill a sense of hope that things will get better?” It took me a while to respond to you after that. It made me think a lot about the struggle we all have in ourselves to believe in one another; to believe that hope can exist in this world.

Everyone’s circumstances are different but in a society where hope can seem unattainable it can be easy to come to the conclusion that things can’t get better.

For me though hope is something I think we should all aspire too…

It was my family’s hope for me, that determination to fight for me which was the reason I was able to progress. Things that may seem to small to some like getting a job, finding a girlfriend, graduating from school and so much more were things I could have never imagined growing up.

I was put through the ringer as a kid, but hope gave me motivation and it’s the same motivation I have to this day. To give those through my story that great things are possible out there not only for those with disabilities, but for everyone.

If you ever come across this letter I hope you reach out to me again and let me show you the reason why things will and are getting better. I want to show you, just like my family showed me that hope is possible and that there is someone willing to fight for you to show you that. Some days will obviously be better than others but if you take anything from this letter I wish it is this…

Never close the door on hope.

Hope helps us push through some of the toughest times in our lives and gives us the strength to get to that finish line when we don’t think anything else will. We are all human beings who make mistakes and have to live our journeys the way they were meant to happen.

I wish I could give you that hope now. To believe in hope for your loved ones because I have enough hope for both of us and there’s someone out there in this world that wants to be with you every day to show you that’s true. Because, as we speak there’s someone out there who would go to lengths unimaginable to make you see.

So, please, when you give up hope again and say that things can’t get better remember this letter. Give hope a chance now and I promise you if I can be there to guide you through it I will. I hope you know that now…

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.