Between volunteering to raise funds for autism and helping a boy with autism’s wish come true, Adam Sandler has showed his support towards the autism cause in a big way!

At Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars, an event that raises money for New York Collaborates 4 Autism (NYC4A), Adam Sandler volunteered his time to do a skit reuniting him with former game show host Bob Barker. In the 1996 film Happy Gilmore, Sandler and Barker had a memorable fight that was recreated during the Comedy Central telecast. Thanks to the support of celebrities such as Sandler, the event has raised over 18 million dollars for NYC4A since 2006.

If that wasn’t enough, there was a heartfelt story about Santino Stagliano (AKA the “Dragon Master”), a boy with autism who started creating his own t-shirt line based on one if passions in dragons. Stagliano told his mom how it was a dream of his to have Adam Sandler wear one of his shirts. Sandler later had someone take a photo in one of Stagliano’s shirts that he bought online. Stagliano wrote on his Facebook fan page…

“We cannot thank you enough Adam Sandler. The joy you brought Santino and the autism awareness you’re helping spread is amazing. Dreams really do come true.”



Way to go Adam Sandler!

Know of a celebrity who has volunteered their time to help the autism community? Tell us about it in the comments!

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