For Autism Awareness Month I was given the wonderful opportunity by my my dear friend Paul Cash, Vice President of General Counsel at Wyndham Exchange and Rentals to share my story of living with autism with Wyndham Worldwide’s employees. During our talk I got to speak to Wyndham’s senior staff and many of their employees about the importance of an autism education with the rising prevalence rates of autism in our community.

Paul writes, “Kerry Magro is one of the most compelling presenters I have ever seen. We learned. We laughed. We cried. His story is inspirational, and his passionate advocacy for differently-abled individuals is simply incredible. I have seen him speak many times, and every time I am overcome by his courage, his brilliance and his heart. Autism does not define Kerry Magro. He defines it.”

I’d like to thank Paul and everyone from Wyndham for making this event possible. We need more organization’s like yours!

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