Kerry Magro

Kerry Magro is an award winning national speaker and best-selling author. Kerry has become a rolemodel in the disabled community. Non-verbal at 2.5 and diagnosed with autism at 4, Kerry has overcame countless obstacles to get to where he is today.In May of 2019, Kerry received his doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership from New Jersey City University to become Dr. Kerry Magro. He currently is CEO and Founder of KFM Making a Difference, a non-profit corporation focused on disability advocacy and housing.

Today Kerry travels the country sharing his story and telling our society to define their lives and their dreams in the best way they can. Of his highlights include publishing 2 best-selling books (Defining Autism From The Heart and Autism and Falling in Love) and working on the 2012 Motion Picture Joyful Noise. Kerry currently resides in Hoboken, New Jersey. Send Kerry a speaker inquiry today here.


Kerry is a professional speaker who’s on the autism spectrum. He also hosts a Facebook page called “A Special Community” where he gives a platform to those impacted by a diagnosis to share their stories.

Kerry travels the country with his camera doing on-camera interviews to highlight people impacted by a diagnosis? Would you like to request to be interviewed? LEARN MORE HERE



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